Imuno Brasil: group brings excellence to the treatment of immune-mediated diseases

Already consolidated in the field of rheumatic diseases, Cobra Reumatologia becomes a multidisciplinary group, expands its service in immune-mediated diseases and complements the professional staff with other specialties.

After expanding rheumatology services to other states in the country, Cobra Reumatologia extends its expertise to other specialties through Imuno Brasil. The group was born with the aim of strengthening multidisciplinary quality treatment for patients with immune-mediated diseases, having in its DNA the tradition of excellence of Cobra Rheumatology, with the innovation of cutting-edge technologies.

Led by Dr. Jayme Fogagnolo Cobra, Imuno Brasil will provide care in gastroenterology, neurology, dermatology, immunology and rheumatology.

“With the beginning of neurology, gastro and dermatology activities in our clinic a little over 1 year ago, we understand that these specialties have brought important synergies with what we have been doing for almost 80 years in rheumatology. Thus, we invest in the growth of these specialties within our group. Today gastroenterology, neurology, dermatology, and immunology together represent almost 30% of our activities. In this way, we decided that we should evolve, transform our brand, after all, based on this growth, we are no longer just a rheumatology group, and we are no longer just in São Paulo. We should create a broader brand, which could identify all the specialties that are our group’s focus, which would transmit our presence in several states in Brazil and which patients and associated physicians could recognize within each specialty and each geographic region, creating greater identity between the brand, clients, doctors and employees”

– Doctor Jayme Fogagnolo Cobra

The group establishes itself in the sector with a robust service structure: 130 highly qualified specialist doctors – who are nationally and internationally recognized references in their specialties, present in 16 hospitals and several clinics and offices distributed in 5 Brazilian states.

In addition to bringing greater excellence to medical care, Imuno Brasil absorbs from Cobra Reumatologia the structural pillars of care for the entire line of patient health care in the treatment of immune-mediated diseases, the appreciation of the doctor, and the strengthening of partnerships with centers of hospital excellence and health plan operators of the supplementary health system.

One of Imuno Brasil’s priorities is also the promotion of research and innovation in the area of health by its medical staff. Therefore, they are committed to bringing patients the main insights under discussion in the specialties in which they work.The combination of gastroenterology, neurology, dermatology, immunology and rheumatology specialties provides the team with a broad, systemic and multidisciplinary understanding of immune-mediated diseases, delivering the best clinical outcome for patients undergoing treatment of immune-mediated diseases, always considering and seeking the the sustainability of the health sector at the same time.